Matthew Chernos, MSc, P.Geo.

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Matt is a hydrologist specializing in hydrological modelling, mountain watershed processes, and river geomorphology. His work is grounded in the fundamentals of process-based hydrology and combines field experience with quantitative modelling. Matt has been conducting research and consulting in the hydrological sciences for over nine years and has worked on a range of multi-stakeholder projects for a diverse set of clients within western and northern Canada. His work focuses on improving our understanding of the interactions between climate, land use, natural disturbances, and water.


Project Experience

Hydrological Modelling – Data Analysis and Visualization – Environmental Change and Trend Analysis – Cumulative Effects – Watershed Assessment – Erosion Modelling

Field Experience

Long-Term Hydrometric and Climate Monitoring – Snow Surveying – Glacier Mass Balance – Sediment Sampling – Shallow Groundwater Monitoring


Standard First Aid & CPR/AED C – Crevasse Rescue – Avalanche Skills Training Level 2 (AST2)


Hydrologist – MacDonald Hydrology Consultants Ltd. – 2015 to present
  • Wrote proposals, provided cost estimates, and outlined project methodology
  • Designed and executed field data programs and set up long-term monitoring projects
  • Applied numerical modelling techniques to investigate specific water-related questions
  • Presented findings at conferences and to stakeholders and published findings in reports, technical memos, and peer-reviewed journals.
Research Assistant – University of British Columbia – 2012 to 2014
  • Designed and executed field work in a remote environment
  • Analyzed data using a combination of statistical, geospatial, and numerical modelling methods
  • Presented findings at conferences and published findings in an international peer-reviewed journal
Research Technician – University of British Columbia – 2011 to 2012
  • Designed sampling procedures and collected field data
  • Analyzed data and created figures

Education and Accreditation

Geoscientist in Training – Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia 2016

  • Environmental Geoscience

Master of Science – Geography – University of British Columbia 2014

  • Thesis: The relative importance of calving and surface ablation at a lacustrine terminating glacier: a detailed assessment of ice loss at Bridge Glacier, British Columbia

Bachelor of Science – Geographical Biogeosciences – University of British Columbia 2010

  • Concentration in Climate and Geomorphology


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Presentations, Posters, and Press

  1. Chernos, M., MacDonald, R.J., Cairns, D., and Craig, J. Current and future projections of glacier contribution to streamflow in the upper Athabasca River Basin. Oral presentation at Canadian Geophysical Union 2017 Scientific Meeting, May 28-31, 2017, Vancouver, British Columbia.
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  5. Chernos, M. (2013). Bridge Glacier: Accelerated Retreat and Climate De-coupling of a Calving Glacier. Oral Presentation at Annual Meeting of North West Glaciologists, October 18-19, 2013, Burnaby, BC.