Cirriculum Vitae


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August 2014

Master of Science, Geography, University of British Columbia – Vancouver, BC

  • Thesis: The relative importance of calving and surface ablation at a lacustrine terminating glacier: a detailed assessment of ice loss at Bridge Glacier, British Columbia
  • Supervisor: Dr. Michele Koppes, Committee Member: Dr. R. D. Moore
April 2010

Bachelor of Science, Geographical Biogeosciences, University of British Columbia – Vancouver, BC

  • Concentration in Climatology and Geomorphology
June 2006

High School Bilingual Diploma, West Island College  Calgary, AB


2015 – present

Hydrologist and Data Analyst  Sole Proprietor – Calgary, AB

  • Private consultant working on a variety of projects including hydrologic modelling, flood frequency analysis, flood mitigation, water quality, and environmental change.
  • Employed novel statistical and physically-based methods to model hydrologic processes.
  • Wrote reports for Environmental Assessments, stakeholder consultation, and public outreach.

Graduate Research Assistant  University of British Columbia – Vancouver, BC

  • Designed and executed field work, supervised Field Assistants, in a remote mountainous and glaciated environment
  • Analyzed historical and field data using a combination of statistical and numerical modelling, and geospatial methods to assess the importance of calving and surface melt at a lake- terminating glacier
  • Presented results at conferences and prepared findings for publication

Teaching Assistant  University of British Columbia – Vancouver, BC

January – August 2012

Research Assistant (Tech. 2) – University of British Columbia – Vancouver, BC

  • Collaborated with Dr. Michael Church on study design and carried out field work by boat and land to assess sediment storage and movement on the Fraser River
  • Collected historical and current data on the Fraser and Peace Rivers to inform dyke manage- ment and dam construction
  • Research led to several academic publications on the influence of bedrock and dam con- struction on hydraulic geometry, as well as a report on sediment transport and yield to inform gravel mining policy
June – December 2011

 Project Leader – Katimavik – Calgary, AB

  • Managed teams of 11 youth volunteers and associated budgets in a live-in role
  • Coordinated community volunteer work and facilitated individual and group learning emphasizing leadership, interpersonal, and professional skills
Summer 2007 – 2010, Spring 2011

Counselor/Trip Leader – YMCA Camp Chief Hector –  Exshaw, AB

  • Organized and facilitated wilderness backpacking and canoeing trips from 8 to 22 days, for youth aged 14-17, that focused on building leadership and interpersonal skills as well as technical backcountry, navigational and canoeing techniques.


Project Experience:

Hydrologic Modelling • Environmental Change • Flood Frequency Analysis • Water Balance Studies • Data Analysis and Visualization

Field Experience:

Glacier mass balance surveying • Photogrammetry • Automatic weather station programming, installation, and maintenance • Hydrometric monitoring (level, temperature, discharge) and stream channel surveys • Sediment sampling • DGPS surveying • Bathymetric surveying • Coordinating and executing work in remote and mountainous environments

Data Analysis & Computer Skills:

Statistical, numerical, and geospatial modelling, and image processing using R, Excel, SAGA GIS, QGIS, Raven, Ostrich • Typesetting, figure creation, and automated tasks using LaTeX, pandoc, basic shell scripting, and Microsoft Office Suite

Communication, Leadership & Teamwork:

Liaison with stakeholders and collaborators in academic and non-profit settings • Leadership in both supervisory and support positions • Collaborative technical report and manuscript writing

Language, Certifications, Accreditation: 

Fluent in English and French (written and oral), conversational Spanish • Essential Wilderness and Remote First Aid and CPR • Alberta Class 4 Driver’s License • Crevasse Rescue • Eligible to be registered with APEGA as a Geoscientist in Training


  • Chernos, M., Koppes, M., and Moore, R.D. (2015). The Relative Importance of Calving and Surface Melt to Ice Loss from a Lake-Terminating Glacier. in press
  • Koppes, M., Conway, H., Rasmussen, L., and Chernos, M. (2011). Deriving mass balance and calving variations from reanalysis data and sparse observations, Glaciar San Rafael, northern Patagonia. The Cryosphere, 5:791–808. (link)



  • Professional Leadership Network – Department of Geography, University of British Columbia