Here’s a collection of my favorite links on the internets as they relate to glaciers, climate change, and outdoor pursuits. They’ll be updated periodically. I also appreciate recommendations if you have any!


Coursera: Free online (well done) courses from top universities. I thought that would be the best part, but the discussion forums in some courses really take off, and add a whole new dimension to the platform. I sometimes find myself more engaged in coursera than the courses I take at UBC.  Website run by UNBC PhD candidate Matt Beedle. Really great repeat photography of glaciers. From the website: “The mission of is to provide a portal for all-things glacier.  We aim to accurately and clearly present our ever-changing glaciers through imagery, science and art.” Disclaimer: I wrote a guest-post.

Headwater Analytics: Three rockin’ UBC Geography Department hombres who write blog posts on elegant open-source (usually R) tips, functions, and methods for hydrology, climatology, and environmental science. Always learn something new when I read a post. Disclaimer: I also wrote a guest-post.

Dan Moore: Dan is a UBC Geography prof, has really cool projects (and lots of them!), and also some great R code snippets. If you’re a Hydrologist and into R (or want to learn), his site should be all kinds of help.


R Project: A statistical computer program that has made doing stats, data analysis, and general programming a lot more bearable for me. It’s a pretty steep learning curve, but once you get a hang of the syntax, you will be much happier doing stats as well.

LaTeX: A typesetting program that makes fiddling with Word formatting and bibliographies a thing of the past. Has a bit of a learning curve, but again, you will be happier in the long-run.

QGISI’m new to the GIS game (and I try really hard to do everything in R), but when I do GIS analysis, I do it with QGIS.


Canadian Avalanche Centre: Their Avalanche Bulletins are absolutely mandatory viewing before you head out in the mountains during winter time. Their blog is also all kinds of awesome. I’m kind of (read: really) a weather nerd. Again, this should be mandatory viewing before you head out to the mountains. In the winter, is helpful. For my money, it’s the most reliable weather prediction site I’ve used.

Clubtread: The message board is great for getting trip beta for hiking, scrambling, snowshoeing and skiing, especially in the Coast Mountains. For trips in the Rockies, I use this site. The amount of trips on here is impressive, and the pictures are just awesome.


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